The best motorcycle Mother’s Day gifts for biking mums

The best motorcycle Mother's Day gifts for biking mums


Finding perfect prezzies for mum is difficult. She deserves the world, but all you can think of is a scented candle and a petrol station box of chocolates.

If your mum loves nothing more than whipping out her two-wheeled companion on a hot summer day, we’ve got your back. We’ve spoken to a few Sportsbikeshop motorcycling mamas to see what’s on their wish lists this year, and to hopefully give you some inspiration…

Held Ladies Evolution T-Shirt

You can’t go far wrong with gifting a t-shirt, and these are a steal from German-born Held. The design is a definite crowd-pleaser, showing the evolution from ape to motorcyclist (because we all know that’s what really happened, right?) The soft-feel t-shirt comes in either black or pink, and if you can’t pick between the two, she’ll be even happier with both!

Shift-It Essential Travel Helmet Care Kit

For the mum who’s always on the move, no matter the weather, the perfect travel companion awaits. Including a helmet cleaner that’s picked up a coveted RiDE Recommended tag, anti-fog, helmet refresh, three polishing cloths, four visor wipes and a sponge, this handy little helmet care kit has everything she’d ever need. It even comes in a small carry case, which makes it easier to wrap – bonus.

QBag Backpack 10 - Black / Fluo Yellow

This QBag backpack has two Mother’s Day bonuses – not only is it so bright you need sunglasses to look at it (helping her stand out on a rideout), but it’s also super-useful. The 30-litre capacity ensures there’s enough room to carry everything she needs plus the kitchen sink, and the front cross-over straps distribute the bag’s weight evenly.

Vulcanet Cleaning Wipes

Chances are, the only thing your biking mum loves more than you is her motorcycle. So treat her to some top-end cleaning this Mother’s Day. Vulcanet cleaning wipes eliminate the need for water, and can be used anywhere on the bike. Just wipe the bike over, and buff afterwards with the supplied microfibre cloth. The only thing that’ll be left behind is the reflection of your mum’s smile as she admires her gleaming motorcycle.

TecMate OptiMate 2 Battery Optimiser (SAE)

A battery charger is a staple in every motorcyclist’s garage. There’s nothing worse than discovering a flat battery – and it might be you who receives the call when she needs a lift to get a new one. With an OptiMate, all she needs to do is plug it in and let the handy little device take over. She can concentrate on enjoying her rides, and you can finish your cup of tea rather than racing to the rescue.

Oxford Heated Advanced Hot Grips

Even though Spring is here by the time Mother’s Day arrives each year, there can still be a nip in the air – and it’s felt most while riding. Mum deserves warm hands, so these Oxford heated grips will make the ideal gift. They come in four different styles, so there’s bound to be something to suit every biking mama to keep them happy and warm all-year round.  

Belstaff Ladies Bradshaw Textile Jacket

If you’ve got a little more cash to spend this month, you could go all in to treat your biker mum to a Belstaff jacket. Renowned for their quality gear, this jacket will look just as at home on the bike as it will off. She can just pop the armour out when she arrives at her destination, and slot it back in when she’s ready to ride again. Mums only ever deserve the best, and if your budget will stretch this far then she’s worth it.

Scorpion EXO-490

A new lid might seem extravagant, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a slice of high quality. This Scorpion EXO 490 has an internal sunvisor and a Pinlock-ready main visor, all packaged into a sub-£160 lid. There’s loads of colours to choose from – so whether your mum likes girly pinks and purples or solid black, there’s something that’ll tickle her fancy.

Difi Ladies Virginia boots

Being a biker doesn’t mean mum has to sacrifice on style when she gets kitted up. Gifting her pair of these Difi Virginia boots will put you instantly in her good books (and hopefully put you in command in the ‘favourite child’ war). Stop her from prematurely reaching for the nan boots and get her into a pair of these. She’ll thank you for it.    

Spada Ladies Hartbury Waterproof Wax Jacket

Flattering female bike gear can be difficult to come by (especially if it’s not coated in pink), so buying your motorcycling mum the Hartbury jacket is a sure-fire pleaser. It has a waterproof lining and a removable thermal liner, plus a soft furry collar for all-round comfort. There’s even a pair of matching gloves available, so your biking mum can fully commit to the vintage look.