Introducing… Enduristan bike luggage

Introducing... Enduristan bike luggage


Swiss luggage connoisseurs Enduristan have been making off-road capable bags, packs and sacks since 2008. As they join the Sportsbikeshop line-up we take a look at some of the range highlights. 

Enduristan Hurricane rucksack

The Hurricane is available with either a 25-litre or 15-litre capacity.

Perhaps the niftiest part about the Hurricane is the ability to add extras. A bottle holster and a can holster are just two of the add-ons that attach using straps. There’s also a separate pouch in the rucksack for one of their three-litre Hydrapaks, and a hidden pocket on the bottom which accommodates the Enduristan tool roll.

This fully waterproof rucksack has multiple internal pockets inside to separate items, reflective inserts to aid visibility at night and an adjustable harness to keep riders as comfortable as possible.

The 25-litre Hurricane launches at £199, while the 15-litre version’s RRP is £147.

Enduristan Monsoon 3 panniers

Enduristan’s throw-over Monsoon 3 panniers can be used on almost any bike without the need for rails.

They have a total capacity of 60 litres (30 per pannier) with a rolltop closure and fold-away separators inside divide the bag into smaller compartments.

The three-layer construction consists of an outer heavy duty polymer for wear-protection, a 1000-denier nylon mesh layer in the middle and an inner red vinyl layer for waterproofing.

Like most of Enduristan’s luggage, additional gear can be attached using cargo straps, such as the XS Base Pack for an extra 6.5 or 12 litres of storage.

While the panniers have been reinforced to protect the items stored inside, Enduristan suggest using one of their Inferno Heat Shields to protect the luggage from exhaust heat.

The Monsoon 3 Panniers are available now with an RRP of £294.

Enduristan Blizzard saddle bags

The versatile approach to the Blizzard saddle bags makes them perfect for tough weekend trail rides and long touring holidays.

A range of sizes are available – small (12-litre total), medium (17-litre total), large (24-litre total) or extra large (34-litre total). A Bottle or Can Holster, Fender Bag, Rally Pack or XS Base Pack can be attached using the supplied straps to boost capacity for longer trips.

Enduristan say they’ll fit any enduro or adventure bike, attaching over the back of the seat with adjustable straps. They’ve been designed in an ‘L’ shape to stop them interfering with your ride and catching on objects beside the trails.

Prices for the saddle bags start at £214 for the smallest, rising to £294 for the extra large bags.

Enduristan Sandstorm tank bags

To complete the Enduristan luggage set, the Sandstorm range of tank bags are designed with adventure in mind.

There are five different forms of the tank bag – the 4H and 4X will fit any bike, while the 4A, 4S and 4E models are all designed to suit a particular fuel tank profile and Enduristan list the models each bag matches best.

The 4H and 4X tank bags (with a seven-litre and 3.5-litre capacity respectively) have been designed to be soft and flexible with no reinforcement. Both have a clear, waterproof map pocket on the top, as well as pockets inside to separate items. The larger 4H tank bag also has a fold-away separator in the main compartment to divide the storage. Both attach to a bike using the supplied straps.

The smaller 4X launches at £109 and the bigger 4H at £123.

The 4A, 4S and 4E Sandstorm tank bags are attached using straps and each has a list of bikes it is designed to fit – you can see these by clicking on ‘features’ tab on the Sportsbikeshop item listing page.

The 4A and 4E tank bags have a 13-litre capacity, expandable to 20 litres using the expansion zips around the top of the bag. The 4S has seven litres, expandable to 12.

These rigid bags are fully waterproof, and have clear map pockets on the top. Inside, there are elasticated loops and mesh pockets to hold items, as well as a removable wallet for documents.

The smallest 4S launches at £152, the 4E at £199 and the 4A at £213.

Enduristan Tornado 2 Pack Sack

A range of high-capacity tail packs are available in four sizes – small (20-litre), medium (32-litre), large (51-litre) and extra large (82-litre).

The Tornado 2 range have rolltop closures and are 100% water, dust, snow and mud proof. Inside the bag there are three mesh pockets and one zipped pocket for secure storage, and on the outside there are cargo loops to attach additional Enduristan products. They’re mounted using Enduristan ROK Straps, which are sold separately.

A shoulder strap (which is sold separately) can also be added to make carrying the Tornado 2 packs around off the bike easier.

The small pack launches at £63, the medium at £71, the large at £80 and the extra large at £89.

Fender bag

When you’re riding off the beaten track, maximum luggage capacity with minimum hassle is key. These handy Fender bags come in two sizes – small (1.6-litres) and large (2.9-litres) and attach to a bike’s front mudguard using the straps provided.

The smaller capacity bags can be used for storing lightweight items, or Lyndon’s Organiser can be placed inside, which is perfect for holding tools and other small items.

The small Fender bag has an RRP of £36, while the larger version launches at £46.

Enduristan Pannier topper

Designed to fit aluminium panniers from most well-known manufacturers such as SW Motech and Givi, these toppers are ideal for increasing carrying capacity.

Attaching to panniers using tie-down straps, the toppers have internal storage pockets, an outer mesh pocket, and plastic D-rings to easily attach an optional shoulder strap. Large reflective logos on the outside increase visibility in the dark.

Two sizes are available – a 12-litre topper with an RRP of £99 and a 15-litre option, which carries an RRP of £109.