AGV Carbon Sports Modular helmet review

AGV Carbon Sports Modular helmet

Overall SBS Rating 90 /100
Reviewed by: Felix Billington
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Being a tour guide I spend a lot of my time at tollbooths and parked up on the side of the road talking to clients. Having a flipfront helmet makes the whole process much easier, saving the process of removing it and finding somewhere to put it where it won’t be dropped, only to realise in this whole process my gloves are on the floor and I have to get off the bike and hold traffic up further. We’ve all been there!

However, the slight downside is that modular helmets tend to run on the heavy side. I spent a long time riding in a Schuberth E1 in 2018 and I loved it but with a historic spinal injury (I’ve broken my neck twice) I would notice the weight after several hours in the saddle.

This AGV Sportmodular is the lightest modular helmet on paper, weighing in at just 1505g, and that was very appealing. But would a lightweight helmet do everything I needed on a 3500-mile journey to Norway and back? Or would my lack of practice with a D-ring strap fastener leave me wearing heavy-duty headgear to bed because I couldn’t get it off?!

Because the helmet shell is made from 100% carbon-fibre it really is shockingly light and incredibly comfortable. It maintains the approval standards you would expect and AGV have used their MotoGP experience to keep the dimensions small, meaning  no more Mr. Bobble Head.

The helmet chinbar opens and closes with a small latch on the front and the main visor has a unique lock-in position, which is a nice touch. When you close it, it clicks into place and locks. You then have to push a button to open it, which sounds fiddly but really isn’t. It’s great for warmer conditions because you can lock it open a fraction to get extra airflow without it repeatedly slamming shut again.

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As a committed quick-release strap user, the D-ring closure took me some time to get used to. If, like me, you’re not particularly dexterous there’s a YouTube video starring SportsBikeShop’s own Tony Hoare that can teach you how to take the helmet off and on without fully opening the D ring.

The Sportmodular has an amazingly wide field of vision – 190 degrees horizontal and 85 degrees vertical – making it suitable for adventure and sports riders alike. It also has grooves in the liner to accommodate glasses as well as plenty of space to fit a Bluetooth headset and speakers inside.

It’s also equipped with a large internal dropdown sun visor and if you’ve never used one of these before, try it and you will never go back! The main visor is easy to clip on and off and comes with a Pinlock anti-mist insert in the box.

Overall, the helmet is very well vented with an adjustable rear spoiler creating minimal buffeting and a lip on the bottom edge directs rain away from the neck meaning you stay dry, even on a sit-up-and-beg bike.

I found the fit consistent with my usual sizing and, as mentioned before, very comfy. The soft neckroll is particularly good, however, it is also one of the few areas where I felt the helmet  fell down. The material covering the liner wore through after only a few days – for this to happen to a top-end helmet on a jacket collar is disappointing.

The lining was very soft and has the added benefit of a reversible crown section; one side breathes better in warm weather and the other insulates in cool weather. I found this very useful when going from warm, flat Denmark to a very wet, wild and windy Norway.

The only con, apart from the premature wear of the neck liner, was that it was slightly louder than expected, and was considerably louder than the similarly specced Schuberth. However it’s miles lighter so it doesn’t feel like that much of a compromise.

Thanks to Tony’s video I’m now a pro at taking my helmet off while keeping the ring closed, and the lightness of this lid more than made up for its shortcomings. It was a joy to ride in and when I got home and put my Schuberth on, the difference in both size and weight really was startling.

Felix Billington owns Magellan Motorcycle Tours and covers tens of thousands of miles while leading tours and researching new ones. If his kit doesn’t work, he soon knows about it.

Road helmet scores
  1. Vision
  2. Ventilation
  3. Fit & Comfort
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Dropdown sunvisor
    2. Removable lining
    3. Pinlock MaxVision
    4. Speaker recesses
    5. Visor locking/holding tab
    6. Breathguard
    7. Quick release visor
    8. Composite fibre shell
    9. Chin curtain
    1. Emergency cheekpad release


20/ 20
It’s got an amazingly wide field of vision, 190 degrees horizontal and 85 degrees vertical making it suitable for adventure and sports riders alike.


16/ 20
The vents are good, but fairly small so it probably wouldn’t be my first choice for very hot weather touring.

Fit & Comfort

20/ 20
Fit was as expected, the lining was very soft and comfy and the reversible crown is amazing – I don’t know why more manufacturers don’t do this.

Build quality

16/ 20
Only complaint on this is the neck roll, while its relatively minor you would expect years of use at this price point as opposed to days


18/ 20
It’s got basically everything you need on a helmet, if you’re looking for an adventure helmet without the adventure peak look no further.