Bering Ladies Ginza gloves review

Bering Ladies Ginza gloves

Overall SBS Rating 86 /100
Reviewed by: Alissa Potter
Review Conditions
Yamaha XT660R

These gloves are super comfortable, lightweight, perfect for summer, packed with features and my favourite gloves to date.

I used the Bering Ginza gloves to tour just over 1000 miles through Japan, from the mad cities of bustling Tokyo and Kyoto to the tranquil mountains of Hakuba and Takachiho, and they’ve been perfect throughout.

And the reason they’ve been so good is because of how versatile they are. The Ginzas aren’t hot weather desert gloves, they’re made using goathide with panels of amara artificial leather and neoprene.

So, don’t expect a mesh net, but do expect them to keep your hands cool in warm weather thanks to ventilation on the thumb and fingers and the perforated fingertips. And they’ll also work reasonably well when the temperature drops a little, thanks to the leather construction.

They also come with nifty little features, like reflective strips for night-time riding, and a neat cuff adjustment strap.

They look and feel like a quality product with decent protection, including hard knuckle protection.

They have a touchscreen-compatible pad in the index finger, which proved invaluable as we rode through the maze that is Tokyo. Being able to quickly use the sat-nav without having to take my gloves off every time was a massive help.

But they’re my favourites because of how snug and comfortable they are. They’re short-cuffed, which is perfect for summer riding as I don’t have to faff around yanking my sleeve over the glove. But most importantly, they come with flexible lycra panels between the fingers, a comfy polyester lining and fit like a dream.

I struggle to find gloves that fit just right − usually the fingertips are too long or too tight. But these are perfect and probably the best-fitting gloves I’ve ever tested.

Add to that the goatskin leather, knuckle protection, sensor tip, mesh fingers and thumb, cool style and the fact that they only cost around £50 and these gloves have to be right up there for anyone looking for summer gloves.

Alissa and partner Andy are reviewing kit for SBS Mag while travelling around the world by Yamaha XT660R. Read more about their travels at

Short summer gloves scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Protection
  3. Breathability
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Hard/soft knuckle armour
    2. Cuff restraint
    3. Air intakes
    4. Touchscreen fingertip
    5. CE safety approval
    1. Scaphoid sliders
    2. Outside hand cover
    3. Underhand wrist restraint
    4. Cantilevered armour
    5. Waterproof membrane

Fit & Comfort

20/ 20
The Ginza gloves are the most comfortable gloves I’ve tested to date. The finger length is perfect for me, they’re soft, light and pliable.


18/ 20
For a pair of lightweight summer gloves, the Ginzas do surprisingly well on the protection front with hard knuckle protection and goat leather.


18/ 20
Good breathability for leather gloves with perforated fingers and mesh panels.

Build quality

20/ 20
There are no signs of damage or wear and tear. The gloves look as new.


10/ 20
Sensor finger tips, hard knuckles, ventilation panels and decent protection. For a pair of sub £50 summer gloves these tick all the boxes.