Dainese Air Frame gloves review

Dainese Air Frame gloves

Overall SBS Rating 91 /100
Reviewed by: Alissa Potter
Review Conditions
Yamaha XT660R

The Dainese Air Frames are simple, lightweight summer gloves that are well-made, look awesome and let plenty of air in.

But what’s really great about these gloves is the fit. The Air Frames use a stretchy elasticated fabric, which makes them super comfortable.

I usually find excess material at the fingertips with most gloves, but these are perfectly shaped for my short fingers and it feels as if they mould onto my hand and fingers the second I slip them on.

Great fit aside, these gloves are made for warm weather riding and to improve airflow. Dainese added perforated material between the fingers and on the back of the hand below the knuckle protection and the mesh allows a decent amount of airflow to get through and cool my hands.

Dainese has done a great job of blending ventilation and protection into a lightweight summer glove. Usually, this type of glove has the bare minimum in terms of protection, but these have soft inserts on the knuckles and on the side of the palm.

And the palm has also been beefed up with reinforced synthetic suede material. While that’s great, it does make the palm feel a little sweaty and bulky.
Other nifty features are the touchscreen-compatible fingertips and short cuff closure.

The Dainese Air Frame gloves were perfect for riding through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

They’re incredibly light, it’s easy to thumb the indicators and switchgears, they let plenty of air flow through for hot weather conditions, the touch-sensitive tips make it easy to work the sat-nav without taking the glove off and most importantly they’re comfortable thanks to the stretchy material.

Alissa and partner Andy are reviewing kit for SBS Mag while travelling around the world by Yamaha XT660R. Read more about their travels at www.madornomad.com.

Short summer gloves scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Protection
  3. Breathability
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features

Fit & Comfort

18/ 20
Comfortable and stretchy material perfect fit around the hand. Loses a few points due to bulky palm.


18/ 20
Surprising amount of protection for a lightweight summer glove including reinforced palm and soft inserts.


17/ 20
Perforated material between the fingers and on the back of the hand ensures good airflow.

Build quality

20/ 20
Excellent materials and clearly very well-made.


18/ 20
Touchscreen fingertips, protection, comfortable neoprene cuff, perforated and stretchy materials mean this gets a high score for a short summer glove.