Dainese Carbon D1 long gloves review

Dainese Carbon D1 long gloves review

Overall SBS Rating 82 /100
Reviewed by: Andy Herbert
Review Conditions
Kawasaki ZZR1400

With a track appointment looming I found myself without sports gloves for the first time in many a year. My last gloves were Held Titans, which were awesome but came with an awesome price tag − and my budget this time was more reserved.

The Dainese Carbon D1 gloves are a relatively low-budget option using Clarino synthetic leather on the palms with reinforcements made from goatskin between thumb, index and palm and a single leather panel covering the side of the hand.

Pre-curved fingers and elasticated inserts near the knuckles make for extra comfort and they’re secured by Velcro cuff and wrist straps.

Protection is supplied by carbon-fibre knuckle protection, together with polyurethane inserts on the joints of the fingers and palm. A distortion control pad to reduce flex is also a nice touch on the little finger of each glove.

Perforations on the sides of the fingers are welcome in warmer temps and for extra grip on levers the fingertips are layered with silicone.

The gloves are strong but beautifully light, and thanks to the pre-curved fingers they feel very comfortable right from the word go.

Someone once advised me to pick a size below my normal fit in race gloves as once worn in I’d have the most comfortable fit with minimal excess material.

Wives’ tale or not, I’ve run with this idea over the years and this time I chose the large size (I’m usually an XL in Dainese touring gloves). At first they were snug, but not painful – even with my hand wrapped around the handlebar, which is when the knuckle armour in some gloves will dig in and become painful. Not with these gloves, which have been comfortable all the time.

The cuff closure on these seemed a bit of a faff at first, but I soon got the knack. The Velcro is strong and extra material allows you to tighten them over leather sleeves.

There is also sufficient adjustment that you can tighten them around the wrist and wear them underneath the sleeves on a retro leather or textile jacket.

The gloves give great feel for the controls and I found the finger length to be almost bang on for me.

The two end fingers are not joined together, like some race gloves, but a distortion pad at the base of the little finger would hopefully act as a slider and hopefully keep your fingers all pointed the same way (so often a bonus and the reason other manufacturers join them together).

At the other end of the spectrum, these aren’t winter gloves but I have worn these in temps as low as 4°C and they were OK for a ride of 20 miles or so. Although my Kawasaki ZZR1400 does have a reasonably protective fairing, cold air can still reach my hands.

The build quality on these gloves is exactly what you would expect from Dainese and they look well smart.

To sum up these are great quality, lovely looking, super comfortable and whilst not bristling with armour like top-end models with a full leather construction, these are seriously good affordable gloves.

Sports gloves scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Ventilation
  3. Protection
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Hard knuckle armour
    2. Scaphoid sliders
    3. Outside hand cover
    4. Underhand wrist restraint
    5. CE safety approval
    1. Little finger bridge
    2. Cantilevered armour
    3. Kangaroo hide palm
    4. Armoured cuff
    5. Air intakes

Fit & Comfort

20/ 20
The gloves fit me spot on and are very comfortable. After just a few miles under my belt they felt like I’d had them for ages. They are nice and cool in the summer.


16/ 20
There are no air intakes, but the lightweight construction of the gloves means they breathe well and are nice and cool when the weather is quite the opposite.


16/ 20
The Clarino synthetic palm isn’t as abrasion-resistant as full leather, but the gloves are certified to the lower level 1 of the CE safety approval.

Build quality

20/ 20
They are very well put together as you’d expect from an illustrious name like Dainese.


10/ 20
The gloves do not have the same degree of armour features as higher end gloves, but the protection available is fine for me. I’d crash in ‘em (though hopefully I won’t).