DXR Relax CE textile jeans review

DXR Relax CE textile jeans

Overall SBS Rating 63 /100
Reviewed by: Ant Newson
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KTM 1190 Adventure R

These Relax CE jeans from French brand DXR are an honest “this is what I’m going to try and do for you” pair of trousers.

I’ve had them since the end of November, covered 1500 miles in them and they have done a good job considering the sub-£100 price.

They’re fairly basic in appearance and have numerous velcro-sealed pockets, including some on the sides of the legs that are very deep and close well. The quality of the velcro is so strong that I’m left hoping the stitching holds up when I open the pockets as it can take some force to prize apart.

Sizing is almost exact to the size chart online – I’m a 38in waist, which converts to a 2XL – this size is a nice fit. There is no waist adjustment on these jeans around the waist so be mindful of this when choosing a size as they can’t be pulled in if they’re too big.

The 2XL size is also quite long – I’m 6ft 1in and they touch the floor around the heel when I’m not wearing boots underneath them to keep them up.

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The customer reviews on the Sportsbikeshop site suggest buyers are using them for commuting to work and wearing them over normal jeans. In my opinion you’d probably need to go up a size to have the room to do this.

The bottom of the legs expand to create extra room to accommodate a pair of boots underneath, which then secures with velcro panels. They work well enough without opening widely to get the chunkiest boots inside.

The jeans are listed as waterproof and when I’ve been caught out in the pouring rain for 20 minutes or so they fared very well and showed no signs of leaking. But sadly on an hour-long journey in very heavy rain they gave up.

They tried their heart out to keep back the rain, but it was just too much and I’m glad I followed by usual ploy and had an emergency pair of pants in my bag (in my experience nothing waterproof is guaranteed to be 100% so).

They do cope very well with light showers and splashing from muddy puddles, but I would suggest they are more suited to summer and spring use rather than year-round riding.

Surprisingly, seeing as there’s no thermal lining, I didn’t get cold until the temperature dropped to about 2°C, and that’s without wearing any kind of base layer – something that was comfortable enough thanks to a mesh lining to keep skin away from the outer fabric.

The jeans come with knee armour and pockets for hip armour – I would personally put some proper D3O armour inserts in the pocket. While riding my KTM off-road I’ve had a couple of light falls and the outer material has held up pretty well as well as being easy to clean off.

If I was looking for something I could rely on to get me to work dry all year round I wouldn’t choose these jeans. But as a pair of hard-wearing jeans that I’m going to get dirty in, fall off my bike and get caught on a tree, I would. I see these jeans as more of an enduro pant built to hold armour in place and keep the mud off you.

Textile jeans scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Protection
  3. Waterproofing
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Breathable waterproof membrane
    2. Knee armour
    3. Scotchlite
    4. Armour position adjusters
    1. Removable thermal liner
    2. Hip armour pockets
    3. Anti-slip seat
    4. Long connecting zip
    5. Ventilation zips
    6. Leg length options

Fit & Comfort

17/ 20
The jeans feel comfy, as most of the customer reviews have mentioned, however a lack of adjustment at the waist means you have to get sizing right to ensure they stay up. Sizing is accurate to DXR’s chart. The jeans are extremely comfortable both on and off the bike. Knee armour drops below the knee when walking but I find that to be the case in many bike jeans.


10/ 20
There’s only armour at the knees, and that isn’t very reassuring. I would upgrade it to D3O, and fit the same in the pockets at the hips.


10/ 20
I know the price of these jeans is not enough to get Gore-Tex levels of protection, but for light rain on a commute or ‘bugger I’ve been caught in the rain’ on the way home they will do you fine.

Build quality

16/ 20
I have abused these jeans and they still look like new. The only thing that has let them down is the waterproofing issue.


8/ 20
These are basic commuting trousers and the spec sheet matches that, with a basic level of features.