Review: Furygan DH Oil Aramid Jeans

Furygan DH Oil Aramid Jeans

Overall SBS Rating 83 /100
Reviewed by: Andy Herbert
Review Conditions
Triumph Tiger Explorer

It can be tough to find aramid jeans that don’t resemble Levis that have pumped too much iron.

But, purely from a looks point of view, these Furygan DH Oil Aramid jeans bridge the gap between denim and leather quite nicely.

Manufactured from 100% cotton, the straight leg cut offers a more tailored fit than the ‘relaxed’ fit you often find with aramids.

They have an interesting combination of waxed finish panels mated to standard cotton areas, which gives the impression from a few feet away that you are wearing leathers.

This effect is further enhanced by high tenacity stretch panels above the knees. But these panels don’t just look cool – these also give added mobility and comfort.

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The jeans have a conventional zip and button fastening, which feel both strong and secure. Protection is provided by aramid fibre linings in the seat pad, hip and knee areas, while Furygan CE Level 1 D3O armour is supplied for both hips and knees. The armour is extremely pliable and once warm it kind of moulds itself around you. Further strength is added by triple and quadruple stitching around the areas most vulnerable to abrasion.

Sizing wise, whereas in conventional jeans I am around a 32in-33in, I found I needed to go up to 34in. The leg length is quite long, which is a bonus for me as I have an inside leg of around 34in.

The fit is really comfy with the jeans having a nice high waist (it’s an age thing!). Usually I wear these tucked into boots but the extra leg length also allows me to wear them with short boots, which is nice if I’m not riding too far.

I pack these jeans in my luggage when I’m away touring, and if the weather’s warm, I will use them for daily excursions out on the bike. I also use them for the odd commute when the weather is hot.

If you do get caught in a shower, these are mildly water resistant but have a bonus in that they dry out pretty quickly, which is nice if you’re on a longish run.

My only quibbles with the jeans are that firstly, although comfortable (and I know that we come in all different shapes and sizes), the knee armour sits slightly too high for me.

I solved this problem by using self-adhesive Velcro strips to take advantage of the securing strips inside the armour pockets. This allowed me to move them slightly lower down the leg.

Secondly, the armour itself could do with being slightly more substantial, however with many alternative knee protectors being available, I’m sure this could be changed.

It has taken me a few years to adjust to the idea of aramid style bike jeans, particularly from a protection point of view, but for shorter trips I’m now warming to the idea.

Textile jeans scores
  1. Fit
  2. Protection
  3. Comfort
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Aramid seat
    2. Aramid hips
    3. Aramid knees
    4. Knee armour
    5. Hip armour
    6. Leg length options
    1. Waist-to-boot aramid
    2. Jacket attachment method
    3. CE Approval


16/ 20
I opted for a size above my normal waist size as these appear to come up ever so slightly on the small size. For me personally, having longer than average legs I found the knee armour sat slightly too high.


15/ 20
With aramid panels around the seat, thigh and knee area, these are covered in the usual places. To improve confidence, I feel the armour could be a bit more substantial.


20/ 20
Very comfortable – the long leg was appreciated, particularly when wearing short boots. Great in the summer when you need jeans that are a little cooler.

Build quality

20/ 20
Usual Furygan build quality – stylish and very well finished.


12/ 20
These are for riders who want simplicity, not feature-laden CE-approved jeans.