Held Rodney leather gloves review

Held Rodney leather gloves

Overall SBS Rating 82 /100
Reviewed by: Felix Billington
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Harley Davidson Street Glide

I’m normally a Gore-Tex, high-viz wearing, safety-conscious Driving Miss Daisy kind of rider, but on a recent trip to Cuba I was painfully aware my kit wouldn’t fit in with the cigar-smoking Harley riders. Vain? Maybe, but with Ernesto Guevara (Che’s son) as my riding companion I felt like I at least had to pretend like I was cool…

The recent upsurge in hipster-styled motorcycle clothing means there’s a massive choice of retro clothing on the market and the Held Rodney gloves caught my eye as I’m a big fan of Held’s two-in-one touring gloves. I also liked the fact they seemed very feature-rich for a retro-look glove.

There are perforated panels all over the glove for airflow, and a sweat-wicking Coolmax lining that works well. The upper shell is made from goatskin and down under on the palm is made from kangaroo leather, which is supple and thin but still promises great abrasion resistance.

The fit was as I’d expect on my sizing, with a velcro cuff closure system and nice stretchy fabric on the back for the perfect fit. Not only are there vents on the palms and the tops of the hand, but they appear on the finger sidewalls, which proved amazing in the Cuban heat.

With this style of glove you can’t honestly expect MotoGP levels of protection, but the kangaroo palm offers a high degree of abrasion resistance, alongside foam knuckle and finger protection and a SuperFabric reinforcement on the sides of the palms.

Come the end of the Cuban tour and while casually enjoying a mojito with Ernesto, he commented that while he doesn’t wear gloves (they interfere with holding his cigar!) he thought these were actually quite cool.

That’s the first time anyone has ever said that about something I wear on the bike and if that isn’t a stamp of approval for a retro glove, I don’t know what is!

Short summer gloves scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Protection
  3. Ventilation
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Knuckle armour
    2. Scaphoid sliders
    3. Wrist restraint
    4. Air intakes
    1. Cuff restraint
    2. Outside hand cover
    3. Cantilevered armour
    4. Finger bridge
    5. Waterproof membrane
    6. CE approval

Fit & Comfort

18/ 20
Fit as expected for my sizing, I found them very comfy, stretchy and soft.


10/ 20
Soft knuckle and finger amour means these fall short of a high-end racing glove but then that’s not what they’re trying to be.


19/ 20
With perforations across the entire surface of the glove’s upper hand and palm, plus extra vents between the fingers, there’s plenty of airflow.

Build quality

18/ 20
Zero complaints, as with every pair of Held gloves I’ve owned the fit and finish is great.


10/ 20
A casual-styled glove like the Rodney will never be stuffed with features, but there are more on these than on most short retro gloves.A casual-styled glove like the Rodney will never be stuffed with features, but there are more on these than on most short retro gloves.