LS2 Nimble textile jeans review

LS2 Nimble textile jeans review

Overall SBS Rating 88 /100
Reviewed by: Tony Hoare
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If I could choose to be an item of bike kit, the last thing on my list would be to transform myself into a pair of textile trousers.

Apart from the obvious issue of proximity to particular parts of the anatomy, they get a pretty hard life and face high expectations.

If they’re not comfortable for a range of different shapes and don’t keep the knee armour in the right place then we’re not happy. If they leak water we get grumpier still, and annoying little issues like sliding around on the seat or refusing to stretch over boots will send the annoyance rev counter off the scale.

Yet if a pair of jeans meets all those criteria then we just shrug and act as if that’s exactly as life should be. Who ever went into raptures of praise for their textile bike trousers? Nope, nor me.

That’s why I feel a little sorry for those who designed these LS2 Nimble trousers, which do everything I could expect of them and even a little more – yet I’ve barely noticed them since I started wearing them 1500 miles ago.

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I’ve worn them for regular commutes through Lincolnshire’s back roads and a couple of trips that put the waterproof membrane to the test.

They’ve passed all tests I’ve thrown at them and I guess it’s a huge compliment to say they’ve gone un-noticed.

The waterproof membrane has remained impervious to the weather, and is removable to make life more comfortable when Britain goes into one of those rare spells of high temperatures.

Vents on each thigh drag in a satisfying amount of air to cool matters down further in high temperatures, and pockets at each hip are easy to access too.

The Nimble jeans have practicality licked too, with a chunky connecting zip that makes it easy to attach to LS2 jackets (I tested these trousers in conjunction with the Vesta jacket I reviewed here). Waist adjusters make it dead easy to take up any slack created by wearing them without the breathable waterproof membrane.

There’s a healthy dose of light-reflective material at both front and rear, loads of excess to fit over the top of even chunky sports boots and highly flexible accordion stretch panels about both knees and at the base of the spine. Soft material stitched to the seat also prevents excessive and unwanted sliding around on the bike seat.

Protection is also looked after, thanks to CE-approved armour at both knees and hips, the latter being a rarity in most textile trousers, especially in this price range. The trousers pass the most recent tests to the basic A-level, which you can read more about here.

The only potential fault I could pick with these trousers would be a lack of a removable thermal liner as this may upset some riders. This, however, never upsets me as I usually ditch thermal liners immediately and wear them over either a pair of normal jeans when commuting or base/mid-layers if going on a long trip.

Used like this the Nimble jeans have kept me perfectly warm and dry when it’s been cold and wet, as well as keeping me cool when worn over jeans on hot summer commutes.

The Nimbles do everything I expect of a pair of textile bike trousers. In fact they’re pretty damned perfect. But, as usual, it’s only when I stop to think about it that I realise what a bloody good job they do.

Textile jeans scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Protection
  3. Waterproofing & breathability
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Breathable waterproof
    2. Knee armour
    3. Hip armour
    4. Armour position adjusters
    5. Scotchlite
    6. Long connecting zip
    7. Anti-slip seat
    8. Ventilation zips
    1. Remove thermal liner
    2. Leg length option

Fit & Comfort

18/ 20
The size chart suggests size large equates to a 32in waist, but these leave plenty of room to fit over normal denim jeans so I’d go down a size unless you plan on wearing layers underneath. Comfort is good thanks to the stretch panels, anti-slip sections and good design. There are no leg-length options so those with short or long inside legs may struggle.


18/ 20
They’re reassuringly meaty, with armour at both the knees and hips and a garment-wide CE approval to the basic A standard to show they’re rated as protective.

Waterproofing and breathability

18/ 20
The effective waterproof membrane isn’t the most breathable, but is similar to most in this price range. The two zip-out vents on the thighs make up for this, as does the fact you can whip out the membrane when there’s no fear of rain.

Build quality

18/ 20
There have been no issues with the construction − and details like colour-coded zips and connection loops to help refit the waterproof liner properly make a big difference.


16/ 20
From our menu of options, only a thermal liner and leg-length options are absent, making a very respectable score.