Richa Ladies Nikki leather jacket review

Richa Ladies Nikki leather jacket

Overall SBS Rating 90 /100
Reviewed by: Jennie Canty
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With the Richa Nikki jacket I found a sports jacket that’s unlike any I have tried before. It’s a leather and textile mix – jazzy, I know – and comes in sizes 8-18.

I chose it because of the pink − it looked like baby pink in the photos, but it’s more like a vivid pink coral – but I love it for so much more than the colour.

The pink stripes run down the lower back, curved in a very flattering way, and also around the pockets and cuffs. There’s a pink Richa text logo on the back of the collar and a white Richa text logo by one of the pockets.

It’s got some light-reflective material, which is nice and subtle – two stripes down the bottom of the back, curved like the pink sections, and some more on the cuffs.

The jacket features thick stretch textile pieces, which Richa call micro elastic inserts, and they sure work. The fit of this jacket is absolute perfection and so flattering. I think the panelling of the leather in curved pieces and the stretch textile pieces help give a feminine shape.

I took this in the same size I wear in ‘normal’ clothes, which astounds me because I’m so used to having to buy bike clothes that are three sizes bigger. Unlike many others, Richa seem to have sizing spot-on. It’s also a nice length – long enough to cover my back when riding full-tuck on a sports bike, even without zipping it to jeans.

The micro-elastic thingies run either side of the zip, which means the zip never sticks. I love this – maybe I’m unlucky, but sticking zips is something I always struggle with. They also run down the sides, on the back of the shoulders, and inside the arms.

I find most leather jackets bulky and I feel like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. The Nikki jacket’s combination of thick, soft, cow leather and micro elastic inserts mean that the jacket feels nice and tight. I felt thinner while wearing this jacket, and Richa should get some kind of motorcycle gear Oscar for that!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a bit hot in this jacket as the leather is so thick, and the jacket is heavy. I rode it through an amazing summer, however, and can’t remember a time when I was too hot.

I discovered recently that Richa have cleverly inserted vents, which they’ve hidden within their logos on the tops of both arms and back of the neck. Very clever.

I’ve also ridden with this jacket through the colder months and stayed warm enough with my DXR under-jacket or a thin fleece underneath. I could definitely wear this jacket throughout most of the year, which was a surprise as I expected to use it as a summer-only jacket.

Richa have not skimped on the armour either – you’ll find D3O armour; a rectangular CE Level 1 central back protector, which can be upgraded to a D3O Viper back protector, and the usual elbow and shoulder protection.

If you’ve ever seen D30 armour (it’s bright orange) you’ll know that as well as absorbing shock (what it’s actually there for) it’s also incredibly flexible and lightweight. This means it really doesn’t look, or feel, like you have any armour in, which makes the jacket even more comfortable.

Richa have used heavy duty zips down the front, on the cuffs and hips, and on the jeans zip. There’s a nice leather pull on the front zip, which I haven’t managed to break off yet – bonus.

There’s no liner or anything like that to unzip inside, just a soft mesh material. I like, but also dislike, this feature, as I’d like to unzip it to throw it in the washing machine after a hot day, but it’s so soft I can forgive Richa.

The pockets are all of a good size, with a large internal breast pocket and two front pockets, all of which fit my Samsung S9 phone inside.

But now I have to talk about the cuffs… the only real issue I have with this jacket. In most jackets, you unzip the cuff and you can see your skin. This is great as you can shove your gloves down, pull the cuff around them and zip up the cuff. Easy peasy.

If a jacket is like this I can undo the zip to get a little airflow between the top of the zip and my gloves. Then, when I get to where I’m going, I’ll unzip the cuff and roll it back, usually so I can put my hand through my helmet while carrying it.

I can’t do that with this jacket because heavy textile material joins the cuff opening together so I can’t get any airflow and I can’t roll the sleeve up.

This means that on some really hot days, I was unable to undo the cuff – and this drove me mad! For example, trying to get gloves to fit inside the cuff was a nightmare.

It’s so silly, and it may only be me that has an issue with the cuff being joined together, but if I owned this jacket, I’d likely go at this textile material with scissors and it would be 100% perfect then!

So, in summary, I may be overreacting about the cuffs – and I love every other aspect of this jacket; it seems to be high quality, with soft leather and thick elastic whatsits. It features D3O armour throughout; it fits beautifully in my own size; I love the pink, the reflecty bits and the vents I never knew existed; and best of all, I still haven’t managed to break the zip puller tag yet!

Leather jacket scores
  1. Fit
  2. Protection
  3. Comfort
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Elbow/shoulder armour
    2. Back protector
    3. Light-reflective panels
    4. Stretch panels
    5. Waist fit adjusters
    6. Ventilation zips
    7. Internal pockets
    8. Short connecting zip
    1. Removable thermal liner
    2. External armour


20/ 20
I can’t believe the fit of this jacket; the textile pieces hug me and ensure a tight fit.


20/ 20
The jacket comes with D3O back, elbow and shoulder protection.


15/ 20
The one issue I have… the cuffs. Specifically, the heavy textile piece which stops them opening wide. This made it a bit harder for me to put my gloves on, or get some airflow.

Build quality

20/ 20
Full marks. The jacket does not show any signs of wear, despite being used and abused for around 5000 miles, in a variety of conditions.


10/ 20
The jacket has a short connecting zip, armour, internal pockets and adjustable sleeves – to a point. I just wish it had a removable internal liner.