Richa Rain Tech waterproof boots review

Richa Rain Tech waterproof boots

Overall SBS Rating 90 /100
Reviewed by: Andy Herbert
Review Conditions
Kawasaki GPZ500S

When these boots landed for me to review, the specification made it look like a win-win situation – waterproof and breathable membrane, attractive price, robust and (cue fanfare) fully CE-approved for safety.

I found a size above my normal was bang-on, and I also found they provide a slightly wider fit than similar boots I’ve tried.

The Richa Rain Tech boots are constructed from a microfibre (synthetic leather) upper and have a breathable and waterproof Hipora membrane.

Closure is via zip (genuine YKK no less) and Velcro, with the latter providing adjustment to suit different calf sizes.

Protection is provided by padding in the ankle areas, a plastic shin guard, heel and toe cups, hard ankle guard, a reinforced sole and gearchange pad, plus replaceable toesliders.

Accordion style panels to the front and rear give the boots a good level of flexibility.

Five of the best… waterproof sports boots


From the off, the boots felt comfortable and didn’t require much in the way of breaking in. The insoles are quite plush and provide extra cushioning at the heel and around the arch support area. A generous level of padding around the ankle and calf area lining further lends itself to a good level of comfort.

I found the boots to have more material around the top of the foot/ankle area than normal, but for me this lends itself to the comfortable feel of the boots.

The soles are made from a medium-soft compound and it feels similar to a few of the premium brand sports boots and, as a bonus, offers a deeper tread pattern. I had no issues whatsoever when climbing around over my bike’s footpegs and the soles are wearing well.

The toe box is taller than on my Sidi boots but after a few fluffed gearchanges I soon got the feel of them.

Having picked these boots up as 2018’s awesome summer was tailing off I can’t attest to their breathability in high temperatures. I suspect they’d struggle to keep you cool on a roaster of a day due to the padding. However, on the odd warm day I’ve used them on, they have performed well and felt comfortable.

What I can vouch for is their ability to keep water out. I have worn these on several days where the rain was so ridiculous that I was expecting a bearded old chap with a staff to usher me and the Kawasaki on to his ark.

The boots were excellent, did not let any water in and I arrived home on each occasion with my feet being just about the driest part of my anatomy.

When I took these boots on I genuinely didn’t know what to expect from them, but they have turned out to be a bit of an eye-opener.

They felt good from the word go, and have become uber-comfortable, even when walking around in them.

They have handled adverse weather conditions with absolutely no sign of letting water in. They are sturdy, have excellent protection and don’t look half bad.

CE approved, waterproof, comfortable as you like and affordable… what’s not to like?

Waterproof sports boots scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Waterproofing
  3. Protection
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Toesliders
    2. Waterproof membrane
    3. Gearchange pad
    4. Fit adjusters
    5. Shin armour
    6. Reinforced sole
    7. CE approval
    1. Air intakes
    2. Ankle bracing

Fit & Comfort

18/ 20
I usually take a UK size 9 but size 10 was the best fit in the Richas. They were very comfortable from the word go and just kept getting comfier. I suspect it could get a bit warm inside them on hot days.


20/ 20
So far, they’ve withstood near-tsunami levels of water.


20/ 20
The boots are CE-approved and provide excellent protection for the money.

Build quality

18/ 20
They look well made and although they seem to have a slight excess of material around the top of the foot, this will be good for folk requiring a wider fit.


17/ 20
For the price, these boots have all the essentials covered.