RST Ladies Urban Air 2 CE gloves review

RST Ladies Urban Air 2 CE gloves

Overall SBS Rating 82 /100
Reviewed by: Jennie Canty
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I’ve never had gloves this short for road riding, only thin motocross-style gloves for dirt riding, but I was glad to have them this summer – I can tell you that.

The RST Ladies Urban Air 2 CE gloves come in ladies sizes from small to extra-large. To find my size I measured the width of my palm, excluding my thumb, and I managed to get it spot on this time – however the fingers were ridiculously long for me.

Maybe I have midget fingers, or maybe RST are targeting them at ladies who have full-length nail extensions, but all I know is that I felt like Edward Scissorhands in these gloves.

I could forgive the extra time it took me to fumble about doing my jacket zip up though, as the gloves looked and felt good, and they were incredibly soft to touch.

I like how small the gloves were, compared to gloves with a gauntlet, as it meant they could be shoved down my leathers, between the screen and speedo of my bike, or in my helmet super-quick. Maybe this is a weird observation, but I can’t stand messing around when I get off the bike; I just want to get on with stuff.

Because they are smaller than my usual type of gloves with gauntlets, I was enjoying the airflow up my sleeves. I was moving my arms into all kinds of shapes to optimise the airflow, much to the amusement of friends, and probably passers-by!

The gloves are constructed of a mixture of cowhide leather (a double-layer on the palm), mesh panels and silicone grip panels, with rigid plastic knuckle protection that’s a contributing factor to the CE certification for road use.

Another weird observation – there’s a gap between the glove and the knuckle protection which is where I stowed my earplugs over summer! I’m not sure if this was intentional, or an added bonus, but I’ve been smug ever since.

The mesh panels are on the fingers, cuffs and outer palm – and I’m assuming some air flows through this part as my hands were never too warm in summer.

The gloves are secured by what RST calls an ‘adjustable wrist closure system’ or, for those of us in the know, a single Velcro tab. It’s quick and easy to secure and go.

RST state these gloves have a ‘soft touch internal lining’ and I can confirm they are very soft on the inside. I’d expected a brushed fleece fabric that might make my hands a bit clammy, but it’s just a soft, smooth fabric that you really appreciate when pulling them on and off.

Before collecting the gloves from Sportsbikeshop I was worried about the protection if I was to slide, however all of my fears were gone the minute I started riding with them. I had worried about them being too short, in case my arms were stretched out in a slide, but they aren’t much shorter than my other summer gloves.

I also worried about the mesh panelling potentially ripping quicker than the leather in a slide. Although I’ve not crashed in them, I was happy with the location of the panels and think I’d be in a very strange crash if I had my fists clenched whilst sliding down the road. *Insert vision of me sliding down the road on my fists here*

The double-layer of leather in the palm is really reassuring, as is the rigidity of the knuckle protection, and ultimately the CE certification. I was happy to ride thousands of miles in these gloves and although I’ve not crashed in them, I think my worries were a little dramatic.

If you’re looking for a comfy, short glove, at a good price, with CE certification, I’d look no further ladies. At the time of writing this review, they’re also £34.99, which I think is a bargain.

Oh, and if you’ve got long nails, not to worry, they’ll fit. Please let me know if I’m the only person to have issues with midget fingers, as I may need to speak to a cosmetic surgeon about it in the future!

Short summer gloves scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Protection
  3. Breathability
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Hard knuckle armour
    2. Cuff restraint
    3. Air intakes
    4. Outside hand cover
    5. CE safety approval
    6. Cantilevered armour
    1. Underhand wrist restraint
    2. Waterproof membrane
    3. Scaphoid sliders
    4. Finger bridge

Fit & Comfort

15/ 20
The gloves fit well, apart from fingers that made me feel like Edward Scissorhands. I may have short fingers though; we are yet to determine if this is the case.


15/ 20
The knuckle armour is rock hard. It’s reassuring that the palm features a double layer of leather and that they’re CE certified.


20/ 20
There aren’t any air intake vents, but my hands were never too hot.

Build quality

20/ 20
The gloves are still like new, despite around 5000 miles of riding, and probably about 5000 shoves inside my helmet. Not bad for £34.99.


12/ 20
Silicone grip, pre-curved fingers, super-handy knuckle armour that you can stash earplugs behind. What’s not to love?