RST Metro CE jeans review

RST Metro CE jeans

Overall SBS Rating 85 /100
Reviewed by: James Tewnion
Review Conditions
Harley-Davidson Sportster 1100

The Metro CE jeans are the latest casual look offering from RST, which look to the untrained eye like a normal pair of jeans, but inside there’s an aramid fibre lining to add abrasion resistance.

The fit comes up on the generous size so it might be worth opting for the size down or adding a belt. If you’re going for the latter option, RST’s handy connection belt allows aramid jeans to be zipped to an RST jacket.

Though generous around the waist, the jeans are a slim fit in the leg. This means there’s not too much excess material to flap about while riding. Although slim fit, they’re not sprayed on and the fabric is stretch denim, so comfort is superb.

They’re available in three lengths – 30in, 32in and 34in – which helps make sure the knee armour pockets sit in the right position for the rider.

The abrasion-resistant lining inside the jeans is thinner than other jeans I have tried, which makes these comfortable on the bike as they are light and allow me to move more freely. They also allow air to move through, making them great for summer.

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Thin they may be, but the jeans are approved to the B rating within the latest CE safety standard. This means the abrasion-resistance and seam strength meet the basic requirements, but there’s no armour supplied as standard. You can read more about what the CE standards mean here.

Off the bike, the jeans are comfortable and let me walk around like a normal person rather than taking the John Wayne stance as is required by some bike jeans.

It’s in this off-bike area where the Metro CE jeans excelled, looking and more importantly feeling like a pair of normal jeans. Although I wouldn’t want to do a full day’s office work in them, there is no reason why you couldn’t as the only difference between these and normal jeans is the weight of the knee armour.

RST armour is an optional extra, and the generic shape of the pocket means many types of knee armour can be fitted. Velcro patches inside the pocket allow a choice of positions to suit the rider’s leg length.

The jeans aren’t sold as waterproof and they will let water through. I was caught in a couple of showers while testing them and they held off a little light rain, but the rain persisted and I soon became wet.

The build quality of the jeans is very good, especially considering the £100 pricetag at the time of review. I feel the quality of the jean is higher than the price tag suggests.

After 1100 miles of use there is no sign of wear at all, which suggests to me that they would last a long time.

Denim riding jeans scores
  1. Fit
  2. Comfort
  3. Protection
  4. Build Quality
  5. Features


    1. Seat aramid
    2. Hip aramid
    3. Knee aramid
    4. Leg length options
    5. CE approved: B
    6. Jacket attachment option
    1. Waist-to-boot aramid
    2. Knee armour
    3. Hip armour


20/ 20
The jeans fit and feel like a regular pair of jeans. Slightly slim fitted so there isn’t too much material flapping.


18/ 20
They were really comfy, but could be a little cooler. I also found the fitted nature means the optional armour is pressed against your knee. I tested these jeans with a pair of Safe-Max protectors, which have now been discontinued.


16/ 20
The jeans meet the most basic protective standard, but are B-rated because there’s no armour as standard. Adding a pair of knee protectors is easy and costs around £12 for RST’s optional extras.

Build quality

20/ 20
I have absolutely no issues with the build quality as the jeans have hung together well and remain in good condition.


11/ 20
They are basic but have pockets for knee amour, hip armour and your hands. Aramid lining covers seat hips and knees and the option to use a connecting belt is a useful touch too.
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