TCX Baja Gore-Tex boots review

TCX Baja Gore-Tex boots

Overall SBS Rating 92 /100
Reviewed by: Felix Billington
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While I don’t do a lot of off-roading,  I’m a huge fan of adventure boots as they offer the level of protection I’m after and work in all situations.

My main reason for purchasing these TCX Baja GTX boots was that I owned a brown pair of the non-waterproof TCX Drifter boots, which I like a lot but do occasionally left me with soggy feet. I wanted to know if the new Gore-Tex ones would solve my problem.

The Baja GTX comes with a full-grain leather upper for strength and a soft suede heatguard on the inner calf, but the most important addition is the Gore-Tex liner that stretches several inches above the ankle.

I did ride for a couple of days off-road with these and they have clearly been designed with standing on the pegs in mind. However, I also found them very comfortable for walking around when we had an afternoon off the bikes.

I can’t honestly testify to the performance of the ankle support, although they felt very durable. I can say though, that the shin protectors definitely work – something I embarrassingly found out when I dropped my bike on myself!

The only real complaint I have with these boots is the toe cup, which I think could do with being more sturdy. After only a few thousand miles of use a very pronounced dent developed from contact with the shift lever. This can easily be pushed out every couple of days, but I find it a little irritating for a pair of boots that cost this money.

The boots are really easy to get on and off with the main opening going all the way down to the top of the feet. Closure is done with three ski boot ratchets and clasps, making it a doddle to put them on and take them off.

A generous amount of adjustability also means even I can fit my massive calves in and still be comfy.

I’ve worn them under textiles as the shin protector is slim enough to let trousers or jeans over them. The soft upper collar makes them comfy on bare skin and they are perfectly suitable for wearing on the outside of trousers if you wish. The grip on the soles is particularly good even in the slippiest of conditions, both on and off the bike.

I found they wore in easily and weren’t as stiff as boots I’ve worn in the past. I wore them in temperatures from 2°C up to 30°C and they were very capable in the cold when worn with proper socks. I was surprised with how well they also coped in the heat. Even though they are not vented, the addition of the Gore-Tex breathable liner means they are comfy in all conditions.

One of the main stand out features for me is they are actually waterproof! Several days of biblical weather on a recent tour of Scandinavia highlighted how effective the Gore-Tex upgrade is. I was regularly one of the few riders with dry feet, showing these can hold their own against more expensive options.

In conclusion these boots are everything I hoped they would be. They’re not quite perfect but that’s me being picky and for the small premium over the non Gore-Tex version make the decision a no-brainer in my opinion.

Review: TCX Baja Waterproof boots


Adventure touring boots scores
  1. Fit & Comfort
  2. Waterproofing
  3. Protection
  4. Build quality
  5. Features


    1. Chunky traction sole
    2. Gore-Tex membrane
    3. Gearchange pad
    4. Fit adjustment
    5. Shin armour
    6. Reinforced sole
    7. CE safety approval
    1. Ankle bracing
    2. Air intakes

Fit & Comfort

20/ 20
Comfy on and off the bike; the fit for me was standard sizing and they need very little breaking in, which is a big plus for the amount of touring I do.


20/ 20
No complaints here as they never let a drop of water in. For me this is one of the most important areas for an all-season boot to perform in and these have done a cracking job.


20/ 20
The shin protection is fantastic as are the rest of the reinforcements. They have all the features I’d expect from an adventure boot.

Build quality

16/ 20
Brilliantly constructed and a really high quality of materials- especially the buckles which I have found can often be a point of weakness. However, as with the non Gore-Tex version they scuff up quickly and the toe cups dent far too easily for a £300 boot.


12/ 20
These boots have all the features that I would require of them.