Five of the best… flip-up helmets under £200

Five of the best… flip-up helmets under £200

SBS Choice

Flip-up helmets make daily commutes and longer tours a breeze. These are our pick from the entry-level choices.

With all-plastic shells they’ll weigh a little more than the top-end helmets, but the quality on all of these options is high.

HJC IS-Max 2

If you wear glasses and are searching for a flip-front helmet, the IS-Max 2 is definitely worth a look. Sportsbikeshop customers say it’s comfortable and perfectly accommodates glasses, but recommend going up a size. It comes in two shell sizes and has an impressive four-star SHARP rating, plus a Pinlock-ready visor. In the first 112 customer reviews, it averaged an impressive 4.82 stars.  

MT Flux

The MT Flux is the same price as Spada’s Reveal and shares many of the same features, but you get more for your money from the MT, with a Pinlock-ready visor (the Pinlock itself is an optional extra) and a four-star SHARP rating. Sportsbikeshop customers say the Flux is comfortable and great value for money, which is reflected in its rating – an average of 4.66 out of five from the first 186 customer reviews.    

LS2 Strobe

Coming in as one of the cheapest flip-fronts currently available, the LS2 Strobe impresses with its high quality and finish for a low cost. Sportsbikeshop customers say the lid is great for glasses wearers, and isn’t heavy or clunky. While reviewers are quick to sing its praises, they say that you should definitely go up one size, and overall leave it with a 4.55-star average from the first 40 reviews.  

Caberg Duke II

Towards the higher end of the budget lies the Caberg Duke II and its 4.74-star average from the first 413 reviews. It has dual homologation, meaning it can legally be worn both flipped up and as a full-face, something which lots of Sportsbikeshop customers appreciate. They also say the lid is comfortable, well fitting, and that the sunvisor works great even if wearing glasses.  


It might have a sub-£100 price tag, but the MD200 carries the same features as the other helmets featured on this list, with the addition of a hygienically treated interior liner. The MD200 also benefits from two shell sizes and a four-star SHARP rating, plus a nifty roller and button mechanism to drop the sun-visor.  Out of its first 62 reviews from Sportbikeshop customers, it’s achieved an average of 4.60 stars.