Five of the best… disc locks

Five of the best... disc locks

SBS Choice

A good disc lock can be a bike-saver, and they’re much easier to install and carry around than a bulky chain.

Our guide to five of the best has been compiled using customer reviews on the Sportsbikeshop website…

Oxford Monster

The Monster disc lock has been given the gold stamp of Sold Secure approval, and is also approved by Thatcham, meaning it’s one of the best in the business when it comes to keeping your bike safe. The 11mm alloy steel shackle slots through the bike’s brake disc, defending it from would-be thieves. Sportsbikeshop customers say it’s robust and strong, and gave it an average of 4.82 stars from the first 196 reviews.

Mammoth Original

Mammoth’s Original disc lock is popular with Sportsbikeshop customers for its tiny form, which means it’s easily stashed away in a pocket or rucksack when out and about. They say it’s well-made and is a great visual deterrent because of its fluo yellow colour, but recommend teaming it with a reminder cable. Overall, it achieves a 4.38-star rating from the first 91 reviews.    

Oxford Boss

Achieving an impressive 4.82-star average from the first 127 reviews, Oxford’s Boss lock receives praise for being solid, well-made and lightweight. Customers also like that it can be easily used with other Oxford security products. Reviewers say the bright colours available make it easy to spot and a great visual deterrent, but do advise that it can be tricky to unlock in the dark as the key only fits in the lock in one way.          

Xena XZZ6

This tiny alarmed warrior has proved a hit with Sportsbikeshop customers, who love the 120dB alarm and gave it an average of 4.55 stars from the first 47 reviews. The shock and movement sensors detect unwanted behaviour around your bike, and the 6mm steel locking pin means it will fit almost any brake disc. An optional cable and adaptor can be bought to let you secure your bike to a static object, such as a lamp post or bike rack.      

ABUS Provogue 305

The sleek ABUS Provogue 305 disc lock is popular for its high-quality finish and durability, which contributes to its 4.48-star average from the first 54 reviews. Customers like that it’s compact and easy to carry around, and that the key isn’t required to lock it up. They do however point out that the supplied weatherproof key cover can be a little tricky to open, especially with a gloved hand.