Five of the best… flip-fronts over £200

Five of the best... flip-fronts over £200

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Splashing out a little more cash on a flip-front can get you more features, such as a wider range of shell sizes and snazzier flip mechanisms.

Our guide to five of the best costing over £200 has been put together using reviews on the Sportsbikeshop website.

If you’re on a tighter budget, try our guide to the best flip-ups under £200.

Shoei Neotec 2

A popular choice among owners of the original Shoei Neotec, the improved interior and reduced wind noise hasn’t gone unnoticed by Sportsbikeshop customers, who leave the Neotec 2 with a 4.81-star average from the first 86 reviews. They say it’s a comfy helmet with great build quality, and that it’s easy to wear glasses with this lid. Reviewers also note how easy it is to install a comms system.

Roof Boxer V8

Those who yearn for the fighter pilot look should consider Roof’s long-standing Boxer V8, which has achieved an average of 4.79 stars from its first 98 reviews. Customers say the flip up mechanism takes a while to get used to, and that the lack of closure on the chin vents mean it’s not great to use in the rain. But for a fair-season helmet, reviewers insist the unique looks, great comfort, accurate fit and overall quietness of the lid make it worth investing in.

Schuberth C3 Pro

Sportsbikeshop customers highly recommend the C3 Pro for its comfort and accurate fit. Schuberth pride themselves on their quiet helmets, and reviewers agree there is little wind noise from the C3 Pro, rewarding it with an impressive 4.75 star average from the first 150 reviews. They say the vents are easy to operate, even with bulky winter gloves on, and that the overall build quality is excellent.

Shark Evoline Series 3

Shark’s Evoline Series 3 is a sure-fire crowd pleaser, earning a 4.71 star average from the first 156 Sportsbikeshop customer reviews. Those who owned a previous model in the Evoline range say the latest generation is noticeably lighter and quieter. Overall, reviewers are impressed with the easy-to-flip chinbar, and say it’s a comfortable and well-fitting helmet.

AGV Compact-ST

Highly rated for its straight-out-the-box comfort and easy-to-use flip mechanism, AGV’s Compact-ST receives a 4.62-star average from the first 73 reviews. Customers say the helmet is great for glasses wearers and that they like the added reassurance of a four-star SHARP rating, but do say it can get a little noisy when riding at speed, so earplugs are a must. Reviewers also say it’s easy to install an intercom, and that overall the helmet offers great value for money.