Five of the best… ladies waterproof motorcycle boots

Five of the best... ladies waterproof motorcycle boots


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It’s difficult for us ladies to find the perfect bike boots when the market doesn’t give us the same amount of options as blokes – but it’s not impossible.

There are some cracking lady-specific options and our guide to five of the best ladies waterproof motorcycle boots, put together using reviews from the Sportsbikeshop website, will help you find the perfect pair.

TCX Lady X-Boulevard

Achieving a 4.80 star average from the first 15 reviews, TCX’s Lady X-Boulevard are popular for their comfort and quality. The boots have an internal 4.5cm lift, which reviewers like and say it gives them more confidence by providing extra height. They’re also praised for their true-to-size fit and classic styling, which customers say makes the boots look great both on and off the bike.

RST Tundra CE

The Tundra boots have a waterproof and breathable Hipora membrane and CE-approved shin and ankle protection to ensure complete confidence. The large Velcro panel allows for more adjustability on the calf, and accordion stretch panels on the front and back give extra flexibility.  Sportsbikeshop customers praised the comfort and quality of these boots, and gave them an average of 4.83 from the first 29 reviews.    

Daytona Lady Star

The High Ride insole combats the struggle of trying to touch the floor on your bike by boosting your heel up by 2.5cm and your toes by 8mm. The Gore-Tex membrane ensures your feet stay comfy and dry, while two zip and Velcro fastenings and a large Velcro adjustable panel on the back give the best fit. Sportsbikeshop customers love these boots, and gave them a perfect five stars from the first 10 reviews.        

Oxford Valkyrie

The CE-approved Valkyries help you inject a little style into your motorcycling wardrobe without compromising on protection. Sportsbikeshop customers loved the casual look, but did recommend going up a size from your usual, and gave them an average of 4.61 from the first 18 reviews. The Velcro fastening over the zip plus a Velcro panel at the back make room for a wide range of calf sizes, while accordion stretch panels on the front and back look after flexibility.      

TCX Lady Smoke

“I wear these for riding and as a fashion boot and they’re brilliant for both” – Sportsbikeshop customers are full of praise for TCX’s Lady Smoke boots, giving them a near-perfect average of 4.92 stars from the first 13 reviews. Riders like the 3cm heel, which they say gives them a lift and makes them feel more confident on the bike. Customers also say the boots are comfortable, waterproof and well-fitting.