Five of the best… winter motorcycle gloves for women

Five of the best... winter motorcycle gloves for women


Women don’t get as wide a choice of winter gloves as blokes (sadly for us)… but we can still find a glove that has everything we need.

The gloves in this guide have been chosen using reviews left by customers on the Sportsbikeshop website, all written by women just like you…

Richa Ladies 9904

A common theme across customer reviews for these Richa gloves is the accuracy of sizing. They’re especially praised by women with smaller hands, as they go down to a size 2XS. They’re complimented on warmth and waterproofing, thanks to a Thinsulate thermal lining and Hipora membrane. The gloves are Level 1 CE-approved (including the knuckle protection) and took an average of 4.76 stars from the first 21 customer reviews.

ARMR Moto LWP225

Sportsbikeshop customers are keen to point out how comfortable these gloves are, and how warm they are thanks to the Thinsulate thermal lining. They were given an average of 4.35 stars from the first 17 reviews. Even though they’re a winter glove, there’s no criticism for bulkiness. These sub-£25 gloves offer a feminine design without being over-the-top, and have rubber re-inforcement across the palm for better grip on the bike.  

Spada Ladies Flame

Customers stress how comfortable and well fitting these gloves are, especially for women with smaller hands. Flexibility is aided by accordion panels on the fingers and thumbs and stretchy elastic on the wrist. Their warmth and waterproofing is praised thanks to the Thinsulate thermal liner and waterproof Hipora membrane, which keeps digits warm and dry. Sportsbikeshop customers rated them 4.38 stars from the first eight reviews.  

Richa Ladies Arctic

The Arctics were rated as a RiDE Magazine Best Buy in their safety assessments, which tested for abrasion resistance, impact protection and waterproofing. Their ability to keep digits dry hasn’t gone unnoticed by Sportsbikeshop customers, who also praise the comfort. Customers love how protective they are, with CE-approved knuckle armour, padding at the wrist and scaphoid – and hard protection for fingers. They have an average of 4.73 stars from the first 15 reviews.        

Held Ice Queen

According to Sportsbikeshop customers, the Ice Queen gloves really live up to their name, helping wearers battle through wintry conditions and come out unscathed. Their warmth and comfort was praised by all 11 reviewers, who gave them an average of 4.73 stars, and they said there was little bulkiness, even for a winter glove. The amount of protection in the form of hard knuckles and reinforced high impact areas was also noted, as was the solid build quality.