Five of the best… sports-touring helmets under £200

Five of the best... sports-touring helmets under £200

SBS Choice

Sports-touring helmets are designed to offer you the best of both worlds.

They typically feature drop-down internal sun visors and Pinlock visors, combining the sports helmet look with the comfort features you need to ride for longer. Our list has been compiled by sifting through over 900 Sportsbikeshop customer reviews to see what people are saying about our picks, which can help you bag a sports-touring helmet that’s perfect for you.

Nolan N87

The RiDE Magazine recommended N87 is full of features, all for less than £200 (or just over if you want the Petrucci or Davies replicas). Most importantly, it has a four-star SHARP rating and comes in two shell sizes for a more accurate fit. The visor comes with the Pinlock already fitted, and the drop-down sun visor has been handily treated with anti-mist. Sportsbikeshop customers love how comfortable it is, and gave it an average of 4.67 stars from the first 177 reviews.          


The hugely popular K-3 SV has a whopping 591 reviews on the Sportsbikeshop website and has achieved an impressive average of 4.77 stars, with many customer reviews praising its comfort. The removable and washable interior is backed by a sanitising lining to keep your helmet fresh. The SV comes with plastic visor mechanism inserts, which can be changed to adjust the increments your visor moves up in. It also comes in loads of colours, including six Rossi reps.        


The IS-17 has something for everyone, with 24 different designs in both plain colours and a mix of discreet and eye-catching patterns. The internal drop-down sun visor is operated by a spring-backed switch on the top of the helmet, and the Pinlock visor uses a clip to hold it in place to prevent unwanted opening. HJC’s RapidFire visor replacement system makes replacing the visor fuss-free. Sportsbikeshop customers love it and gave it an average of 4.80 stars from its first 359 reviews.          

Scorpion Exo-510 Air

With an average rating of 4.79 stars from its first 71 reviews, the Exo-510 impressed Sportsbikeshop customers with its good quality and low price. The emergency-release cheekpads are spectacle-friendly and accommodate most styles of glasses. Not only is there a Pinlock visor, but the drop-down sun visor has been treated with anti-fog too, to ensure you can concentrate on the road without worrying about fogging up.    

Shark S900

The Shark S900 is one of the most reviewed helmets on the Sportsbikeshop website and achieves an impressive average of 4.77 stars from the first 332 reviews. It receives praise for its build quality, as well as its snug, true-to-size fit. Many customers are buying their S900 for the second time after being so impressed with it the first time around. It is noted that the helmet can be a little loud at motorway speeds, so reviewers recommend wearing earplugs too.