Five of the best… tank bags for plastic tanks

Five of the best… tank bags for plastic tanks


Investing in a tank bag means you can keep everything you need within easy reach.

If your essentials are stored right in front of you, nothing will go flying out of your pockets while you’re on the move – and you’ll be able to keep an eye on your possessions as you go. These five tank bags have been chosen by Sportsbikeshop customers as their favourites…

The ST602 tankbag is popular among Sportsbikeshop customers, earning a 4.87-star average from the first 106 reviews. Reviewers say there’s plenty of room to carry essentials, even though the listed capacity is less than other tank bags. Reviews also point out it’s slim and doesn’t obscure their view of the bike’s clocks, and that the fit is secure thanks to a Tanklock fitting that clips to a mount on the fuel filler cap.

Givi XS307 Xstream Tanklock Expandable Tank Bag

Winning praise for its build quality and carrying capacity, and a 4.84-star average score from the first 63 reviews, the 15-litre XS307 Xstream tank bag is very popular with reviewers. Riders like how easy it is to attach and remove using the Tanklock fittings to mount to the fuel filler cap, and say the included raincover is very effective. They also like the tablet case that clips on top so riders can use it for navigation.      

Richa Designer Expandable Tank Bag - 19L

The Designer tank bag is a good option for a rider who prefers sleeker design. Its 19-litre capacity can expand to 27 litres if required and it’s versatile as it can be attached either with magnets or a strap. The first five customer reviews contributed to an average score of 4.40 and reviewers praised the Designer bag for its build quality and the fact it stays securely fitted even when riding at higher speeds.    

Givi MT505 Metro-T Tanklock Tank Bag - 5L

Sportsbikeshop customers commonly use the phrase “perfect size” when describing the MT505 tank bag. One reviewer said they found the bag ideal for a 10-day trip to Germany, and they were able to fit in all the essentials they needed and more. Customers are in agreement that the five-litre capacity is great for everyday use, and overall have given it an impressive 4.92-star average from the first 12 reviews.    

Oxford Lifetime Q4R Quick Release Tank Bag

Oxford’s Q4R has divided Sportsbikeshop customers. Some owners of sports bikes were critics, saying it can sit too high up and interfere with their view of the controls. Otherwise, customers are impressed with the build quality, and say its four-litre capacity is enough for carrying the absolute basics. This division explains an average score of 4.11 from the first nine reviews.