Five of the best… urban motorcycle boots

Five of the best... urban motorcycle boots


While urban-styled bike boots might not offer the highest levels of protection, they do offer loads of off-bike practicality.

If you need a boot that looks just as at home on the bike as it does in the office, Sportsbikeshop customers highly recommend these five…

DXR Hinckley Waterproof Leather Boots

If you’re looking for a suggestion of Doc Marten styling with bike-based protection, look no further than the sub-£120 Hinckleys. Quick to bed in and with a good level of grip on the sole, Sportsbikeshop customers are confident in DXR’s boots, giving them a 4.85-star average from the first 47 reviews. They also say the leather construction is soft and comfortable, and that the boots feel robust and sturdy.

TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots

TCX’s X-Blend boots have been around for a few years, and have gained an average of 4.93 stars from the first 135 reviews during that time. Sportsbikeshop customers praise their on- and off-bike comfort, as well as their waterproofing and styling. Reviewers say the boots are well made and feel sturdy, but advise going up one size if you have wide feet.

Spada Pilgrim Boots

If you want something smart enough to take you from bike to office in one swoop, these boots could be your perfect riding companion. Sportsbikeshop customers love the styling and awarded an average of 4.51 stars from the first 47 reviews. They dropped marks for the lack of ankle protection or padding, while others weren’t so keen on the wooden sole. Overall, customers say they’re great for wider feet and comfortable for all-day wear.  

Alpinestars Monty Shoe

Embedded in Alpinestars’ Oscar vintage collection, the Monty shoes have impressed Sportsbikeshop customers with their retro looks, which is reflected in their 4.83-star average from the first 18 reviews. Their straight-out-the-box comfort combined with top-end build quality and high levels of protection all contributed to the high average, but marks were docked for the lack of a gearshift pad.      

TCX Hero Waterproof Boots

If they’re good enough for fussy SBS Mag reviewer James, they’re good enough for most. He gave the Hero boots 84/100 in his review, praising their on-and-off bike comfort. This is echoed by 41 Sportsbikeshop customers, who have given them an average of 4.85 stars. Reviewers are taken with the side entry zip that eliminates faffing around with the laces, and say they’re well-made and also 100% waterproof.